Neighbors Remove 50 Lbs. of Trash, Share Plants for Earth Day 2023

Over 40 residents turned out for the Moreland West Neighborhood Litter Pick Up & Plant Swap last Saturday morning. SJ Vice Mayor Rosemary Kamei and staff joined us, and Mother Nature provided perfect weather.

Elementary school students to octogenarians helped remove trash from every street and sidewalk in our community with supplies provided by Beautify San Jose. Garbage bags were filled with snack food wrappers, bottles and cans, pieces of plastic, cigarette butts, and bits of car left from a fender bender.

Meanwhile, in front of the Moreland Community Garden, neighbors exchanged plants and garden-related items, including tomato & pepper plants, herbs, succulents, milkweed, geraniums, terracotta and glazed pots, and a variety of seeds.

It was a beautiful Earth Day in Moreland West!

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