Joint Neighborhoods Letter to City Council on El Paseo Project — Share! Write!!

A coalition of eight local neighborhoods sent the below letter today to Mayor Liccardo and the SJ City Council urging them to reject the El Paseo Mixed-Used Signature Project proposal. The City Council hearing and vote HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED for Tuesday, June 21

This is our last chance to speak to our representatives on the project.

The plan includes:

● Four large buildings with 6 towers rising to 9, 10, 10, 11, 11, and 12 stories: Tallest is 132 ft. Taller than Pruneyard Tower II.

● 994 apartments: 92 dwelling units/acre. SJ Signature Projects require 55 dwelling units/acre.

Insufficient park space for 2,000+ residents: Far less than the 6 acres required for that density. 

● Minimal number of new jobs: 190 from only 165,949 sf of commercial space replacing existing 126,345 sf of commercial space.

● Minimum number of affordable units: 149 (15%) + 845 market rate.

● 1,243 residential parking stalls for 2,000+ residents.

With some changes, this project could be improved for surrounding neighborhoods, new residents, and the City: 1) lower building heights, 2) less residential density, 3) more new jobs, 4) closer alignment with the City’s affordable housing goals, and 5) adequate and equitable access to parks space and amenities.


1) Read the joint letter from local neighborhoods.

2) Share the letter with your neighbors.

3) Add your voice by writing a letter of your own. The Mayor and all 10 Councilmembers need to hear ASAP from local residents, not just from members of interest groups who don’t live in the area. Share your concerns about the project. You can use the attached letter and background facts for data points. Mention that you are a resident of a nearby neighborhood.

● #1: Send written comments to by 7:30 a.m. on June 21. The comments can be addressed to “Mayor Liccardo & City Council Members”. Include “Item 10.2: Reject the Rezoning and PD Permit for El Paseo and 1777 Saratoga Ave Mixed Use Project PDC19-049 & PD20-006” in the subject line of your email.

●  #2: Send to the Mayor and all Councilmembers, not just to our Council representative, Chappie Jones.

Mayor Sam Liccardo,

Vice Mayor Chappie Jones,

Sergio Jimenez,

Raul Peralez,

David Cohen,

Magdalena Carrasco,

Dev Davis,

Maya Esparza,

Sylvia Arenas,

Pam Foley,

Matt Mahan, 

4) Attend the City Council meeting. Speak up! The Mayor and all 10 Councilmembers need to hear from local residents, not just members of interest groups who don’t live in the area. Mention that you are a resident of a nearby neighborhood. 

●  The City Council meeting, rescheduled to Tuesday, June 21, 2022, will be held both in-person and online, starting at 11 a.m.

●  El Paseo is currently item 10.2 on the agenda and is slated to be discussed when the meeting reconvenes after 6 p.m.

●   Public comments are generally limited to two minutes but be prepared in case the City cuts comment time to one minute.

●  The agenda is here:

8 Replies to “Joint Neighborhoods Letter to City Council on El Paseo Project — Share! Write!!”

  1. Hello,  I think Matt Mahan, SJ Council member District 10, may be campaigning for SJ Mayor with this as an issue.  He may be an advocate for ‘common sense’ help on containing the size and providing enough parking for this complex. I am not sure if this is accurate, but it would be good to contact him to see if there is anything he can do as he runs for November election for Mayor of San Jose, or even if he becomes mayor if there are any things he can do, or commit to do, if he won mayor. Regards, Janet Boeninger


  2. Have you contacted SJ Families nd Homes?.  

    They were heavily involved in getting  SJ council members and Mayor Liccardo toapprove California State supported version of  SB9, rather than Don Cortese/Evan Loweversion of SB9 which would have only affected one city, San Jose. This version of SB9would have allowed a developer to build up to 7 residences (4 plex and 2+ ADUs or duplex)on a single lot in any single family zoned neighborhood. It would have been a travestyto San Jose because it would have broken up neighborhoods throughout the city. They had coalition of many neighborhood groups throughout San Jose that wrote letters to Liccardo and Councilmembers that were attached to the Agenda of the Council meeting as well as getting many speakers to talk at City Council  meeting thatvoted on this issue. State of California SB9 only allows duplex to replace house on single zoned lot. This was passed at the SJ Council meeting.  The El Paseo Mixed Use may be under the umbrella of SB10 which gives each citycontrol of how use the mixed use space along the Urban Corridors You can contact them here.

    Families & Homes SJ (

    We support the preservation of single-family zoning in the city of San José.

    We are in favor of a smart infill growth strategy that is best for affordability, environment and transportation.

    Before our neighborhoods are irreparably changed, San José should continue to implement the existing Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan which shields neighborhoods and focuses on Urban Villages.

    Regards, Janet


  3. FYI:  Hathaway and San Thomas West  neighborhoods along Hamilton Ave don’t have borderwith El Paseo Project, but are close enough they might be interested in the status. Not sure howto get  the word out to them.   Regards, Janet Boeninger


  4. Hello, Would it be OK to post this email  in Nexdoor Group ‘Democrats of San Jose’?   I’m not sure whereto post it on Nextdoor.  Please let me know if this is OK.  Is there a website with this information that could be posted so others can go there to get this information.  Thank you. ,Regards, Janet Boeninger


  5. Hello, I posted Moreland West Post El Paseo Letter to SJ City Council onNextdoor, Neighborhood Hathaway. Let me know if there is anything wrong with it and I will correct/remove the post. There is no contact information in post… Moreland West Auto GeneeratedReply address didn’t work.  Regards, Janet


  6. Also posted in Democrats of San Jose Group.  Not sure if this is ‘political topic’???Left it in both places.


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