Meeting Recap 1/27/2022

We had a packed and informative agenda for our January meeting. Thanks to all who attended!

Highlights of the meeting included conversations with San Jose Vice Mayor Chappie Jones and new Campbell Mayor Paul Resnikoff as well as reports from the Campbell and San Jose Police.

Vice Mayor Chappie Jones and MWNA President Amy Cody

President Amy Cody gave an update on the El Paseo project, including this image she created to show the heights of the proposed buildings, something that the developers’ presentations do not clearly illustrate.

In addition to El Paseo, another project on everyone’s mind right now is the proposed Costco at Westgate West. This is the letter that the MWNA submitted as part of the public comment process. We urge all interested neighbors to submit their own individual thoughts as well.

Vice Mayor Jones provided this slideshow about the new SB-9 legislation, which can be downloaded here:

Minutes for the meeting can be downloaded here:

If you missed the meeting and would like to watch a recording, please email to request a link (neighborhood residents only, please.)

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