Next Meeting Thursday September 30

Our next regular meeting is Thursday, Sept. 30 from 6:30-8 p.m. via Zoom, the link is available by joining our email list at

We’ll share community updates, meet County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg’s new community relations aide, and talk with Campbell and San Jose police officers.

State Senator Dave Cortese will discuss his legislative priorities, listen to concerns and answer questions. We’ve asked him to give a quick overview of SB 9 and SB 10, intended to alleviate the housing crisis. 

Valley Water serves nearly two million people in Santa Clara County by providing a reliable and safe supply of water; enhancing streams and watersheds through creek restoration and habitat protection; providing flood protection for homes, schools and businesses; and partnering with other agencies to provide trails, parks and open space for community recreation.
In a special presentation we will learn about where our water comes from, improvements to our treatment plant in Los Gatos, Valley Water’s response to climate change challenges, Advanced Water Purification (recycled water) expansion plans, and how residents can help conserve water during this time of drought.

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