Special Meeting this Thursday June 3!

Please join us this Thursday, June 3 from 6:30-8 p.m. via Zoom for a special meeting of the Moreland West Neighborhood Association re: the El Paseo redevelopment project and the Opportunity Housing proposal before the San Jose City Council. The Sand Hill Property Company and its development team will present the current proposal and take questions and feedback from residents. Then we will have a discussion of the Opportunity Housing proposal – the Moreland West Neighborhood Association is considering taking a position on this proposal and we’re seeking resident feedback. 

Join the meeting via Zoom.

1312 El Paseo & 1777 Saratoga Ave Mixed Use Village Signature Project
The El Paseo redevelopment project is progressing through the City of San Jose’s approval process. In March, the developer submitted a revised project application that proposes building 994 apartments and 162,949 new commercial sq. ft. in 9-, 10-, 11- and 12-story buildings reaching up to 132 feet. Most parking will be underground, and 15% of residential units will be below-market-rate. Links to the proposal, as well as a MWNA-prepared project background, proposal summary, outline of neighborhood concerns, and recent letter to Vice Mayor Chappie Jones are at here. There are positive aspects to this project, but the degree of density and building heights are major concerns given the existing traffic and lack of transit infrastructure in our area.

Opportunity HousingThe San Jose City Council is considering a General Plan Task Force proposal called “Opportunity Housing” that seeks to create more housing within single-family neighborhoods. The proposal would eliminate single family zoning throughout San Jose and allow the by right development of duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, along with State allowed ADUs (Assisted Dwelling Units), on a single property lot. This change could have a major impact on our neighborhood. Please educate yourself, participate in this week’s discussion, and make your views known to Vice Mayor Chappie Jones at D1@sanjoseca.gov, other city council members and the mayor.  Please copy morelandwestna@gmail.com.  

Support for Elimination of Single-Family Zoning: San Jose Neighborhood for All — https://sjneighborhoodsforall.com

Support for the Preservation of Single-Family Zoning: Family & Homes San Jose — https://sites.google.com/view/families-homes-san-jose/home?authuser=0

Listen to the District 1 Leadership Group discuss Opportunity Housing:3/27/21 with Pro & Con Presentations: https://d1leadershipgroup.com/opportunity-housing-discussion-at-03-27-21-d1lg-meeting/5/15/21 with SJ Planning: https://d1leadershipgroup.com/opportunity-housing-discussion-with-sj-planning/

2 Replies to “Special Meeting this Thursday June 3!”

  1. Thank you. Would it be possible to post
    videos after the Zoom Meetings so those
    who missed it can view at their convenience?

    Thank you for your consideration .


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